About us

Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy (Co.PI, FOSSEE QGIS Project)

Pennan Chinnasamy is an Assistant Professor with Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA), where he conducts interdisciplinary research on natural resource management for rural India. He is interested in adapting open source, remote sensing and government data to research on complex problems using open source modeling software and applications. 

Email: p.chinnasamy@iitb.ac.in

Office Phone: (022)-2576-7297

Dr. Snehalatha Kaliappan (Senior Research Scientist, Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay)

Snehalatha Kaliappan is a member of Content Creation Team at Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay.  She is responsible for creating and publishing Spoken Tutorials for various FLOSS in English language. She also conducts workshops for training college teachers in various FLOSS using spoken tutorials. 


Email: snehalatha296@gmail.com

Office Phone: (022)-2576-4229